On a typical day in October of an even-numbered year, you’ll find me cranking out three or four unique ads, shifting between documentary-style interviews, narrative editing, motion graphics, color correction, and visual effects while tuning out the commotion behind me as a room full of political consultants yell at pollsters on conference calls. The stakes and pressure are high, missed deadlines are not an option, and looming over every delivery is the knowledge that the slightest mistake could be skewered mercilessly  on The Daily Show.

In my three election cycles as Creative Director at GtP, I’ve overseen the production of 500+ ads and helped two presidential candidates win the popular vote.

HFA - "How"
HFA - "Always"
HFA - "What She'll Do"
HFA - "Who We Are"
HFA - "Forward"
OFA - "Determination"
OFA - "537"
OFA - "The Problem"
OFA - "Stretch"
Vernon - "Fight for Us"
EDF - "The Cell Phone"
Nolan - "American Made"
Vernon - "Rebuild"
Minter - "Vermont Families First"
DSCC - "Part of the Problem"
Nolan - "Out Here"
Minter - "The Real Trick"
AFSCME - "Little Fancy Life"
HMP - "Friends"
Minter - "Right Ideas"